The Happs!

James Kasel Jenkins

June 10, 2024

The Happs!

I am a lover of music.  I have no specific favorite genre.  It needs to be good.  Music needs to be unique and a little funky.  I listen to everything from Public Enemy to the Rolling Stones.  I have country, blues, jazz, metal, rock, rap and classical in my arsenal.  I even have a splash of oldies in my arsenal.  

When I was little I'd listen to MeatLoaf, The Dream Police, Rolling Stones and Foreigner mostly.  That's what my sisters had so that's what I had exposure to.  My parents had Fleetwood Mac, Beatles, Blood Sweat and Tears and Heart.  

Splash in some Kenny Rogers and Motown and you have a diverse upbringing.  I became a club DJ in 1993.  I refused to play top 40 music.  I played the greatest music the beach had to offer.  A cold beer and a Panama City Beach coast made me a happy guy.  My crowd varied so did my play list.  It could be Nine Inch Nails, or Jimmy Buffet.  It really all depended on them.  I started every show with "Here Comes Your Man" from the Pixies and I ended every show with "Beast of Burden" by the Rolling Stones.  

I sure miss that life.  Hurricane Opal had other plans for us, and we were all vanquished.  I moved  to Okaloosa county.  And if you know anything about Okaloosa county then you know that's where Ft. Walton beach is.  And we all know that place because that's where Vintage Records is. 

Welcome to my site.  This is my sharing music space.  My goal is to build a community of music lovers so that I may learn more and be exposed to that I don't know. 

Stay tuned

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