Good Will Hunting

James Kasel Jenkins

June 10, 2024

Good Will Hunting

$49.99!!  That's it.  This clunker cost 50 bucks.  The picture is of my happy surprise when I entered the Good Will in Niceville, Florida.  Yes, folks I've lived near Rockville, Maryland.  And I've lived in and around Niceville, Florida. These places do exist.  

Cast your mind.  I found out my niece was wanting to get into the vinyl record collecting hobby that has haunted so many of us.  At least, our bank accounts anyway.  I pay forward my Onkyo reciever and help Carly (the niece) procure a vintage pioneer turn table from a fellow vinyl head named Dave.  I then went with my turn table direct into Edifier self-amped speakers.  That was fine...for a while.  But hell, even I like to play compact disc once in a while. 

I say, "Yo, Jenny! I'm gonna go to Sam's today and go Good Will Hunting for a rack system. " she does her nod and smile and out the door I went.  The Paramax system in the picture was on a table with a $49.99 .  I immediately google this 2000 watt system.  Happy to find mixed reviews and interesting price points.  For 50 bucks it's worth the risk.  

I bring it home and plug everything in and even the ancient remote works.  The speakers do too but they sound like shit.  So, what should I do?  The edifiers don't plug and play with a receiver.  Facebook Market Place it is. Low and behold, some ancient Radio Shack Optimus speakers for 65 buckaroos.  I meet that cat at the Publix and bring those oversized book shelf bastards home.  They sound terrific.  

The whole point to this play by play is that there is no excuse to not have a "system".  I did it for 115 bucks in one day.  I got lucky, sure.  But I'm cranking some music right now as I type this.  Will I upgrade?  Duh! yes.  But this buys me some time. 

Have fun. Make good choices and be kind and loving.  That is all!


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