Super Bowl

I always dreamt I would be a play by play announcer. I practiced all the time. Even when I played video games. I'd get on my own nerves doing the commentary. I'd turn off the announcers and do it myself. I do like some baseball announcers but football...nuh uh. They are often repetitive and more than often arrogant know it alls.

So, when I watch sports I mute the T.V. and crank up the jams. Sunday we got to watch a great super bowl. I played 10 records in their entirety. It made the game much more enjoyable.

On X the conversation was sensational on the #vinyl stream. I post what I'm playing pretty consistently and I enjoy reading about what my posting friends are rocking as well.

My playlist started with Van Halen (Fair Warning, 0u812, II) Then I moved on to Violent Femmes, Amos Lee at Red Rocks, Sammy Hagar. During the halftime show I watched Usher and ensemble dance to Eddie Harris jazz music. That was freaking amazeballs. Second half got strong on variety... Blue Oyster Cult, Foreigner, Judas Priest. But wait!! There's more. I got lucky. Overtime!!! What would you play? Yes!!! Me too! Run DMC "Raising Hell".

I hit the under and the winner!!! I got to listen to amazing music.

My wife came out after the game. She just doesn't do the sports thing. It's cool though it gives her much needed space from my nerdness.

That Jenny...she goes to the outer limits to make me happier.

I plan on visiting Nick at Ft. Walton Beach records tomorrow. I'll let you know what I scoop up.

Have a great day/night and rock out baby.

Have you Jammed Out To Kix?

Picture it. 1984. The afternoon would be life changing. My sister and her friends were letting me tag along to my first ever rock concert. ( I don't know if you could count a BeatleMania concert when I was 9) Karen loaded me up in the Chevette and off we went to Shiley Acres. It wasn't a far drive to Inwood, West Virginia.

I don't remember the entire line up that day. That's probably because that would be my first time imbibing weed.

The venue is out doors and loud by all accounts. Aromatically loud and audibly loud as well. Now this was 1984. I was 13. There would be rock and roll, girls, weed, beer and one of my most fond memories of all time.

I was familiar with the rock group Kix. They were local and killing it in Maryland, Virginia and of course West Virginia. It was hot as fuck outside. I remember sucking down sodas and beer and getting sprayed down with water. When Kix took the stage I had a full on buzz that had my smile beaming and my head bangin!!

I wore out Kix cassette tapes so I knew every song word for word. So, not only did I lose brain cells and hearing that day...but also, my voice. What a show!! They "Let their Monkeys out" and started blazing guitar riffs and drum fills. When the song "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" was performed I was in an excited utopian state. Girls in tube tops became my focus for a bit but the music was so God Damn good!

When the show was over I needed to sober up a bit before reporting back home. No way were the two black sheep coming back fucked up to that household.

I'm 52 now and what I remember of that day is what I hope still happens at out door rock venues. Innocent fun and great live music.

I was able to procure a reissue of Kix last Record Store Day. I got it from Tim at Ft. Walton Vintage records. If you can't find the record I do believe that Tim has a few copies. He will be happy to ship.

Record store days are my favorite days of the year. You can possibly understand. I picked up a De La Soul box set, Kix, Inxs that fine day.

Have a great day everyone and keep spinning and grinning!!!

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Have you Met Steven Tyler?

I've always been an Aero Smith Fan. Since I was like 7! I'm pretty old so that's a fair amount of time. I try to stay hip on what's going on in the world. I had no I idea of "We're All Somebody From SomeWhere" even existed.

A solo masterpiece by the fore mentioned Mr. Tyler. I obtained it by way of happy accident.

I go to Fort Walton Vintage records quite a bit as you have read on this site. Sometimes, when I'm in Fort Walton Beach I'll head to this hole in the wall thrift store on Beal. It's call DeFrance Antiques on Beal. A bunch of private lil shops if you will. My favorite said shop is called Mert's Creek. The owners are cool and collect pretty fantastic merch. They will actually call me when they get records in. I'm an easy "close". Go check them out so you can find cool stuff. Leave me the records lol. I bought this record from Mert's Creek. (Thus, all the love)

Back to Steven Tyler...God! It's like a bluesy, feisty, harmonica having jam-fest. 2 super heavy vinyl LPS. There are original works and there are some freaking ridiculous covers.

I always preach to stream, learn and then GO to the record store. If you find this in a record store that would be something. The 4 sides of licorice pizza are worth the scavenger hunt. Buy from a mom and pop and if you don't have one call my friend Tim at the Vintage Record store and he will ship it to you. That's if he can find it. (My money is on he can find it) SCAVENGER HUNT!

So, my challenge is to find this bad boy. Mine is not for sale. It's not on Amazon. Have fun!

Have you met the Pixies?


I first heard the Pixies in 1991. I just moved with my buddies, Chuck and Ray. We left Baltimore for the new spring break capital of the world. Panama City Beach would be my home for the next 7 years.

I landed a gig bartending at a beach bar named the U-Turn Sunburn Saloon. It would be my occupational location up until Hurricane Opal completely obliterated it. I got to work with legends like Carolyn "Legs", Jerry "Sarge", Rob, Nash, Cerasoli, De'L, Karen, Micah,Beller, Monkey Dick, Lee and Terry!! The second season I was made the DJ. I bartended only occasionally and would DJ 6 days a week from March until Labor day.

Such a hard life. One day while I was hanging with some friends someone put a Pixies CD in the player. My whole musical palette changed instantly.

"Oooh!! said the man to the lady! Oooh!!! said the lady to the man!!" Baby, I was Changed instantly.

I had been exposed to many alternative groups but something about the Pixies was ethereally different. I don't know if it was Joey's guitar, Frank's lyrical delivery or Kim's haunting background vocals. Whatever it was knocked me right down on my ass.

The album was Doolittle. Have you heard it? It's a 10/10 no skipping body of work. From Crackity Jones to La La Love you. Slicing up eyeballs and taking no prisoners. The Pixies Gouged away and drove our cars into waves of Mutilation.

I would later listen to their first LP , Surfer Rosa. That was edgy as well. Trompe le Monde and others would hit my inventory as seasons went on.

The beautiful thing about the DJ gig was I never played a top 40 song and kept the crowd rocking. Sure I had to play the beachy stuff but I stayed true to alt rock a majority of the time.

So, if you have the time get on down to the record store and pick these guys up. I promise you will not be anything but a happy debaser toting a monkey gone to heaven.

Look at cute little Jim E J

Meet Jon Batiste

Around a year ago my brother Bob sent me the record you see to your right. We both like a pretty wide diversity in music.

Jon Batiste was the band leader for a few years on the Stephen Colbert late show. He is a crazy talented musician. Jon has performed and recorded with everyone from Stevie Wonder to Willie Nelson! Talk about diverse!! He also went to school with Trombone Shorty in New Orleans. Trombone Shorty is featured on this record as well.

This record gets a lot of time on my turn table. It starts off putting me into a toe tapping great mood. Get's sultry, loud, quiet and filthy. From marching band cameos to just a grind of jazz and soul melodies.

I try to critique things in my own mind. There is nothing to critique in this body of work. It's creative, original and soulful as a mother fucker.

I implore you to travel to your record store and buy this record. I didn't know of this LP's existence. Thank you, Bob, for sharing and caring because now this sweet bastard is blaring.


iI always want to support local record stores and dealers. If you are in a record store desert then feel free to click on the record picture and buy on line. Otherwise, let's keep those record stores' doors swinging.

January 22/2024

My Favorite thing to do

One of the best parts of being a sound minded person is that you can make rational decisions. One of my favorite decisions is to go to the record store on my day off. It's 28 miles from door to door. I normally go with an open and amiable mind.

Walking into Fort Walton Vintage Record store is always a great feeling. Greeted immediately. Either Jamie, Tim or Nick try their best to accommodate the green people. The tunes are always on a level that makes you want to just get whatever is playing. I've done that 10 or 12 times. It maybe the only thing I get that day. I picked up Genesis once because Illegal Alien was on and I remembered loving that song. Later, I discovered the theme song to Hard Castle and MCKormick (from the 80's)was also on this album.

I have a discogs account. I sell music on there. I hardly ever buy it. Why? Because I get my local record store to do that. Tim makes a few bucks. He makes a sale, provides a service and makes a customer happy. Keeping the doors open to local record stores is part of the reason I am doing this site in the first place. Tim, the owner often ships to his regular military that have been relocated. I love being a happy customer as I'm sure you do.

If you are ever in the Destin/Ft. Walton beach area, you should stop in and make a new friend. Walk out happy like I do. Toting an armful of licorice pizza is my idea of an afternoon well spent. And you will probably have met a like minded record/music geek like me. That's a good thing!

Click the picture of me and Jamie to visit them on Facebook.